Not just any old ingredients

We’re always on the lookout for interesting, organic flavours. Off‑piste Alpine ingredients, we call them.

  • Swiss Emmental

    These crisps are seasoned with supremely creamy Austrian Emmental cheese, made from the rich milk of happy Alpine cows. Cows that graze Alpine meadows by day, munching through densely nutritional wild grasses and flowers – and then enjoy a proper Alpine sleep by night.

  • Onions

    No cheese crisp would be complete without the familiar tang of an onion!

  • Bioland Organic Potatoes

    We use Bioland Organic-accredited potatoes to make these crisps, sourcing them from a select sprinkling of pioneering organic farms across Germany. Wonderfully natural, with skins left on for extra flavour, they’re a brilliant base for any crisp.

The Craft Crisp Movement

Organic & Natural

A bit of a rarity in the crisp market, all our potato crisps are completely, uncompromisingly organic. Made in the Alps, where the air is freshest and the standards tip-top, we’d never dream of messing with them.


Keeping it little

We have a finite supply of organic potatoes, which limits the number of crisps we can make. That’s because storing spuds ‘organically’ can be tricky, so very few farmers actually do it. We reckon that’s a bit of a blessing, as it means that every crisp we make gets the attention it needs.

Off-Piste Alpine Ingredients

Our chefs are always coming up with brilliantly unique recipes that make the most of the wonderful Alpine ingredients being produced on our doorstep.

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