Championing Organic

All our crisps are completely, uncompromisingly organic. You may not have tried an organic crisp before, as they’re in rather short supply. That’s because storing organic potatoes ‘organically’ can be both tricky and expensive. But we’re committed to making that extra effort – always.

Keeping it little

Few farmers are able to commit to growing organic potatoes, so our crisp supply is always limited by the number of spuds we can get our hands on. We reckon that’s a bit of a blessing, as it means that every crisp we make gets the attention it needs.

The Alpine Way

As we’re based in the foothills of the Alps, they’re a fundamental part of what Lisa’s stands for. So we’d like our crisps to bring a breath of Alpine creativity to artisan food lovers across the world – to capture the refreshing essence of the Alps, the incredible standard of the local ingredients we source and all the brilliant people we work with.

Off-Piste local Ingredients

We want our crisps to be intriguing and brilliantly unique. So our chefs are always coming up with interesting recipes that make the most of the wonderful Alpine ingredients being grown, foraged for and enjoyed by the people living closest to us. Because where possible, we like to keep it local.

Carefully crafted & curated

Crisp-making is an art which shouldn’t be rushed. Every organic potato we use is hand-selected and all our crisps are hand-cooked in batches, before being seasoned with wonderfully local Alpine ingredients. That’s why no one crisp is ever the same.

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